Current and previous writing projects

The Twentysomething Soul: Understanding the Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Young Adults. [Book project currently in writing stage]

A co-authored book with Kathleen Garces-Foley and Anthony Pogorelc, based on the ethnographic and survey research from a Lilly Endowment grant to the Life Cycle Institute at Catholic University of America.

From the prospectus: “Today’s twentysomethings navigate paths to adulthood that are as complex as the Los Angeles freeway system, which neither they nor the institutions that guide participants through life’s transitions – families, schools, and congregations – fully recognize or understand. Thankfully, we found no shortage of optimism among the twentysomethings we studied, and met scores of parents, educators, and congregational leaders who want to understand twentysomethings and see them flourish. We therefore orient The Twentysomething Soul to readers like these – twentysomethings themselves and all who wish to understand them better, providing an explanation of what is happening with young adults in general and with their religious and spiritual lives in particular. We explain why the pathway to adulthood takes longer to complete, what religious and spiritual patterns distinguish contemporary twentysomethings, what young adults look for in religious congregations, why the ranks of religiously unaffiliated young adults have expanded, and how twentysomethings as well as the institutions that serve them are likely to change as new American cohorts proceed through their twenties.”

See also The Changing Spirituality of Emerging Adults project archive at Catholic University of America.  I was pleased to serve as editor for this collection of reader-friendly essays, summarizing of a mountain of scholarly research on contemporary young adulthood.

Other Publications:

“Affirmative Action in American Law Schools: A Critical Response to Richard Sander’s “A Reply to Critics”,” with Richard O Lempert, William C. Kidder, David L. Chambers. University of Michigan Legal Working Paper Series. University of Michigan John M. Olin Center for Law & Economics Working Paper Series. Working Paper 60. (February 2006).

The Real Impact of Eliminating Affirmative Action in American Law Schools: An Empirical Critique of Richard Sander’s Study.” with David L. Chambers, William C. Kidder, and Richard O. Lempert. Stanford Law Review. May, 2005.”

A Forked River Runs Through Law School:  Toward Understanding Race, Gender, Age, and Related Gaps in Law School Performance and Bar Passage” Law and Social Inquiry Vol 29 (4): 711-69, 2004.”