Navigating Relationships, Managing Gratifications …

FYO Cover“Clydesdale’s impressive study yielded a rich and entertainingly told story of what young people are up to in their first year beyond the family nest. It is a superb book, convincing in its ethnographic realism, surprising in its findings, insightful in its analyses and discussion.”
—Paul Attewell, Qualitative Sociology. 31:207-210 (2008)

More than 4000 copies sold!  Click book image to go to the University of Chicago Press webpage, or here to order from  You might also check out:

Colleagues asked me about the implications of my first book for teaching.  This was my response,  published in the Chronicle Review: “Wake up and smell the new epistemology.

This is an op-ed I published shortly before The First Year Out appeared: “Life after high school:  The real challenge.” The Times (of Trenton, NJ). June 23, 2007, p. A11

And I was honored by the Social Science Research Council to write this essay on religion and college students: “Abandoned, Pursued, or Safely Stowed?” (it was a part of their web forum on the religious life of 1st year American undergraduates). Review the entire forum: